Saturday, May 21, 2011

A little update!

So I know that it has been a LONG while since my last post. I often get complaints that my blog is neglected, and it is. It feels like all my streams connected to my YouTube channel have become neglected. I want to give this blog a little bit of a face lift so that I can post here about things other than makeup as well, since for the most part they have been tutorials. I'd like to start posting things I'm in love with, foods, recipes, clothes, just whatever. I feel like that might give me a chance of becoming more active! I'd love feedback! :) Also, I'd love if all you lovelies kept in touch with me, I now have Facebook and Twitter for my YouTube friends! Add me as a friend so we can get to know each other!


  1. I'm creepin' the blog :) I'd love to see updates like that hehe!

  2. @Sophie

    Haha Sophie you're so cute!!! I am definitely going to post stuff like that, haha I love how you creep my stuff!!<3