Thursday, December 19, 2013

DIY Holiday Advent Calendar: Christmas Gift Wrapping

Learn how to make 3 different versions of an advent calendar - they'll be the fastest and easiest advent calendars you've seen to date (not to mention the most affordable, hehe). Let me know what you think in the comments below. I always use your guys' feedback to improve my videos, and it's so helpful to me! 

I sincerely apologize that this is up so late! I had spent the last 11 days trying to get this video up. Unfortunately the grading effects I added using Magic Bullet Looks ended up causing a glitch in FCP X on Mavericks, and since then I had been trying absolutely EVERYTHING I could think of to get this video exported... long story short, it took over a week to do so, but I had spent so long editing this video as it was, that I didn't just want to scrap it - if that makes any sense. So here it is! My take on the traditional advent calendar, DIY style. While I was editing this I realized it could also be the "host" package to deceive people when wrapping smaller sized gifts! Everyone says the best gifts come in small packages; here's a way to hide what that package might actually contain ;)

Advent calendars were invented in Germany about 200 years ago to count the days in December left until Christmas. It started with drawing chalk lines on people's doors and lighting 24 candles, and in 1905 the first advent calendar was printed. 

In Germany it is common to craft advent calendars for your family or friends and add candy or little gifts for the person that the calendar is for. 

Thank you. Love you all!


Below are the advent calendar printouts! :)

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FTC: Everything in this video was purchased by myself and Sebastian :)


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