Sunday, March 23, 2014

♥ How To Grow Massive Lashes FAST!♥

Hey dolls! So I have FINALLY filmed a video about my eyelashes and how to grow long eyelashes, after a ton of requests over the years: HOW TO GROW MASSIVE EYELASHES.

I hope it helps you. I've been absolutely shocked by the enormous growth in my eyelashes in such a small amount of time! I think one of the reasons people have failed results with castor oil is because of the grade, quality, and whether or not it is cold pressed. You can buy castor oil for a multitude of purposes so make sure you get one that is safe for the skin (you can get castor oil for car lubricant, you do NOT want to be putting that around your eyes haha).

Also, I noticed a difference in the effectiveness just by starting to use a castor oil that guarantees to penetrate the skin fully, and not leave any sticky residue - so if you're going to try it out, make sure you try to find one that isn't sticky as well! Also, it's important that the product you're using is PURE castor oil. You don't want to use a mixed substance.

While a mixed substance will probably still offer some moisturizing benefits, it won't offer the same nutrients your lashes will need to grow long. I got mine at Whole Foods for between $12 and $14, I believe. I haven't had much luck sourcing the exact type I have online anywhere like amazon, but I did find it on a kind of obscure looking website, which I will post the link for below :)

The exact castor oil I have:

Castor oil on Amazon:



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