Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Calling All Sexy Vampires!

Hello all of you beautiful ladies, and possibly beautiful men!

So Halloween is quickly approaching and I couldn't be more excited. I've just filmed a tutorial for the makeup/costume that I wore for Halloween last year and I hope that my little tips and tricks will inspire you to add on to your Sexy (insert costume name here) Halloween Costume!

Below I will list all the products that I used for the tutorials in order of the videos (ie; Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

But before that I will be adding information about my costume.

Last year I was a Volturi for Halloween, and incase you are unfamiliar with the term, it is essentially the "Vampire Royalty" from the Twilight saga. So instead of dressing like a "true" Volturi in deep black cloaks and attire, I wore burgundy so that even if people didn't know what a Volturi was, they'd still have a pretty good idea that I was a "sexy vampire" :)

I bought all of my costume pieces from eBay, except for the choker, which I made but will explain through steps.

The bustier/corset I wore was fantastic. This is still available on eBay, but since it is so close to Halloween the only point in posting the link is for viewing purposes.

Since red is a very traditional color for a corset it is fairly simple to throw together a quick "sexy vamp" costume!

The cloak I wore was my favorite part, and also the priciest piece. However, having searched for the items POST the release of New Moon, it has become apparent that everything I purchased PRE the release of New Moon has dropped significantly in price... so you can imagine my reaction. The following link is the exact same cloak that I bought. Although it is much less red in person and more of a red/burgundy shade.

The shorts I wore were black spandex cheerleading shorts, and although I wasn't able to find the listing again, these shorts are very easily duped.

The red boots that I wore, surprisingly are still on eBay. Well, the ones on eBay are shockingly close. The only difference is that there are no pom pom's on mine, but if you saw the tutorial, you'll know that these were a mistake I made and I wouldn't repurchase.

List of products used

Part One: Eye, face and body makeup

Covergirl TruBlend 405 ivory
Revlon Skinlights Pink Light 02
Stila Illuminating gold finishing powder

Don Post Corpse Grey
Covergirl TruBlend 405 ivory
Make Up For Ever HD Microfinishing powder
Lise Watier color corrector portfolio

Laura Mercier eye basics primer wheat
Sephora eyeshadow guard
Nars Zardoz
MAC Star Violet
Cle de Peau 108 Satin Eye Color
Smashbox #10 Brush
MAC Beauty Marked
MAC Trax
MAC Plum dressing
MAC Mylar
MAC Black Track
Lise Watier Amethyst Eye glitter
Quo 808 False Lashes
Quo 804 False Lashes
Covergirl Outlast lipstain 405
Covergirl Outlast lipstain 420
Maybelline Expert Eyes Kohl Liner Prune
Covergirl TruShine Currant Shine

Brushes used:
MAC 188 Brush
MAC 182 Kabuki
MAC 181s Kabuki
MAC 225 Brush
Concealer brush (Generic)
Paddle brush (Generic)
Smashbox #10
MAC 227
Sonia Kashiuk Arc Liner Brush
Smashbox #15
MAC 210

Part 2: Facial Contouring, Highlight and Sparkle

Charcoal brown

Laura Geller Liquid Candlelight

Jerome Body Glitter Silver and Gold (Not used on video but this is recommended for 2 tone sparkle)

MAC 224
MAC 225
MAC 182

Part 3: Katherine Pierce Vampire hair

(To see how I teased my hair prior to filming see Kim K inspired Hair Tutorial video under the YouTube section of my blog)
Osis + Dust it by Schwarzkopf
Danny Co Boar Bristle Teasing comb
Amika Clipless Iron (Triple Barrel Set, used 19mm 3/4" curling rod)
Redken Spray Starch (this stuff is amazing!!)
Goody brand hair pins
An ellipse shaped hair clip (I removed the backing and hot glued it to a halved hair comb clip)


  1. I don't no if I'm too stupid or not but Ican't find the steps for the choker?

  2. @Anonymous
    Hey there! You're not stupid at all, I totally forgot to put it up because when I had initially done the post I wasn't able to put pictures up, so then I didn't bother going through the instructions on the choker and was going to do it when blogger was done maintenance and so I forgot completely! So sorry about that! I'll get it up right away :)

  3. very simply explained and it look amazing! I absolutely love your tutorials. Sorry for my bad english :)

  4. oh, I mean the choker is simply explaind.

  5. @Anonymous
    Awww thank you so much!! I'm glad you understood the choker directions! :)

  6. your costume looks really great ;)... i would be interested where you can buy those dresses. sry for my english... i´am from germany^^

  7. @AnonymousYour English is fine!! :) I posted all the links to where I bought my costume pieces :)

  8. sry i mean the dress in the katherine hair inspired tutorial... it looks so georgeous =) .... i love your tutorials and you have great similarity with Nina Dobrev
    .... she is so beautiful

  9. @Anonymous Hey girl, so sorry I didn't see this until just now, it didn't come to my email I just saw it by scrolling through comments. The dress I wore I actually bought on ebay and the brand is one I've never heard of before, it is by Jessica McClintock for Gunne Sax :)

    Thank you so much, I'm flattered you think I share resemblances with Nina, I think she is stunning!! :)

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