Thursday, October 14, 2010

My MAC Eyeshadow Palettes

Hi all!

So I frequently get questions regarding my MAC palettes so I thought I would post some pictures of my palettes! I have a ton of eyeshadows that I still need to depot but to be honest I absolutely HATE buying palettes when I could buy something more fun... like another eyeshadow HAHA go figure. So while this is a huge majority of my palettes I do have a lot of other L.E. (Limited Edition) eyeshadows that have yet to be added. But I figured now is as good a time as any so here we go. I should preface by saying, my palettes aren't in fantastic condition, I have quite a few that I've had to repress because they've cracked or broken during travel haha so they look a little bit worn and rough around the edges. :P

Neutral Shimmer Palette
(Click the image to enlarge)

Top Row left to right: Woodwinked (I had to re-press this after it broke and now has some Electra mixed in, unintentionally of course), Tempting, Bronze (this one I also re-pressed), Mulch, Sable

Middle Row left to right: Twillery (My absolute favorite MAC shadow from the 2005 Inventive Eyes quad), All That Glitters, Honesty, Patina, Knight Divine

Bottom Row left to right: Carbon, Typographic, Print, Smoke and Diamonds, Electra

So if you compared this palette next to all my other palettes I think that it would be pretty clear that this is my favorite! Inside I'm just a little girl obsessed with sparkle and this palette gives me what I love: Glitter!! Haha. 

Some of my faves are:

Twillery (I have yet to find a dupe so I reserve this for the most special occasions) This is a gorgeous tan gold with gold shimmer. It a tan taupe version of Woodwinked, but it is more cool toned than warm. 
Woodwinked, is a gorgeous warm, antiqued golden, bronzey shade with an intensely pigmented, creamy, finish. It provides the most gorgeous glowing sheen and metallic finish. This would be my favorite shadow from the permanent collection!
Bronze is a high shine, metallic, very deep brown bronze. It is stunning. 
Sable, like Woodwinked, has a high shine finish. It is a plum brown that looks amazing on everyone! 
All That Glitters is a gorgeous golden champagne, this is very pigmented, very high shine and gorgeous!
Patina this is a gorgeous taupey color with beautiful fine shimmer. This is supposed to be a frost, but to me it is like a satin shade with some very gorgeous teeny flecks of multi colored gold and pinky shimmer. This color is great all over the lid, or used to blend shadows out over the crease.
Print, this probably seems like an odd color to choose, especially since the theme of my favorites seems to be that they are intensely pearlized shades (to me this means that they provide a high sheen, metallic finish). Print however is a creamy charcoal gray shade. It is a satin eyeshadow that has a very fine shimmer, literally one speck here and there, until recently I thought the shimmer was just dust from my Honesty eyeshadow right above it, and to be honest (Ha ha) I'm still not convinced that it isn't! Nevertheless this is the creamiest, and smoothest of my gray/black shadows from MAC. The finish is not dull and powdery, but smooth, creamy and flawless!

Highlight Palette
(Click the image to enlarge)

Top Row left to right: Blanc Type, Brule, Vanilla, Vapour, Mylar

Middle Row left to right: Motif, Naked Lunch, Shroom, Phloof, Retrospeck

Bottom Row left to right: DreamMaker (L.E.), White Wheat (L.E.), Nylon, Rice Paper, Dazzlelight

This palette would definitely have to be my second favorite palette! I just love looking at it, the colors just scream sparkle to me. And although I have learned to love a matte eye, and even though I will more often than not prefer the look of a matte eyeshadow on myself, inside I can't help myself when I see a little eye bling!

Some of my faves from this palette are:

Blanc Type, this Matte² eyeshadow this looks nearly identical to both brule and vanilla in the pan but applied it is incredibly pigmented and creamy. It is definitely a matte shade but it is so creamy that it just blends and provides an incredible gradient effect to whatever color you used blended out of your crease. LOVE it! 

Brule is a very fair flesh toned shade, much like Blanc type it is great for applying to the brow bone as a color to soften and blend your crease work. Although, it is much less pigmented than Blanc Type and a little more natural because it is not as light. 

Vapour, This looks somewhat boring in the pan, it looks like a very light barely pinked white. But on the skin it has an amazing glow and a very very fine shimmer that just adds a piece of shimmer here and there that picks up the light, not like a glitter ball, but like you've been kissed by a fairy... yes, it looks like you've gotten a little fresh with Tinkerbell. Haha. I add this to the inner corner of my eye, and those little silver flecks of shimmer just add something angelic to my look. I love it.

Naked Lunch is another one of my favorites, although since this has a huge following, I'm sure no one is surprised! It is gorgeous on its own, as a highlight on the inner corner, under the lower lashline or directly under the brow!! Very multipurpose! It is a gorgeous light pink pearly shade that looks great on any skin tone!

White Wheat is another eyeshadow from the Inventive Eyes quad from 2005 (like Twillery from my Neutral Shimmer Palette). It is incredibly unfortunate that this shade is discontinued. The only thing that comes remotely close to this shade in my collection would be MAC Vanilla pigment, although that has some pink-ish tones, while this is purely a whitened gold, it has an intense pale barely gold iridescent shimmer. It is stunning.

Neutral Mattes Palette
(Click the image to enlarge)

Top Row left to right: Embark, Handwritten, Brown Down, Corduroy, Espresso, Charcoal Brown, Cork

Second Row left to right: Brown Script, Texture, Soft Brown, TĂȘte-A-Tint, Omega, Soba

Third Row left to right: Honey Lust (broke this and had to re-press it), Amber lights, Bisque (re-pressed as well, this doesn't work well with matte shades, they will usually stay looking cracked), Era, Bamboo, Wedge, Grain

Last Row left to right: Show Stopper (like Bisque, this is a matte shade I re-pressed, and was left looking cracked), Romp, Orb, Kid

While this palette is definitely not my favourite, and nothing about it screams glamorous to me, this has actually started to take over market share in my collection. Since the colors are neutral, and shimmer free, I don't feel juvenile or out of place when I use this palette. I'm not happy about it, but unlike when I was a teenager, I can't put as many shimmer colors as I squeeze in, on my lid space anymore. I'm genuinely upset about this.

Some of my favorites from this palette are:

Corduroy, a regular dull looking brown, is transformed on the lid. It adds the perfect brown depth, and the perfect deep brown hue. Blends very nicely and can be used in the crease, on the lid, as a liner or smudged into the lash line... this is a very versatile color considering it doesn't look all that spectacular in the palette. 

Charcoal brown is another boring color in the pan, but this soft cool toned brown actually packs quite the punch on its own or used to blend darker/lighter shades out!

Omega while I don't use this traditionally as an eyeshadow, I do use this to blend out crease work (love it for that!). I also use it in the crease on its own with a very minimal makeup look, just to make it look like my crease is extra defined without looking like I have any makeup on. This is a great shade for any form of natural looking contouring on skin tones close to mine!

Wedge and Kid like Omega are fantastic shades for blending out crease work. I like them both equally for this. I love love love them, but don't have many other purposes for them besides that.

Orb is a gorgeous natural brow highlight that is slightly peach toned so it really brightens and lifts the appearance of the brow. ADORE this color. It is newer to my collection so I will update this if I find other uses for this shade!

Red and Purple Palette
(Click the image to enlarge)

Top Row from left to right: Antiqued, Plum Dressing, Inventive (L.E.), Beauty Marked (re-pressed), Style Snob (L.E.)

Middle Row from left to right: Coppering, Cranberry, Sketch, Trax, Satin Taupe

Bottom Row from left to right: Expensive Pink, Star Violet, Twinks, (an eyeshadow I pressed from pigments and old eyeshadows), Velour (L.E.)

Some of my faves are:

Antiqued is a stunning deep burgundy, maroon, reddened metallic brown (can you tell I'm terrible at describing things haha), I absolutely adore this color in the crease!
Cranberry brings out the green in green and blue eyes, I adore this over a dark base to give a beautiful purple/plum toned glow.
Satin Taupe is amongst many people's favorites so I won't go on about this shade too much, but it is a beautiful mauve/purple taupe color. A lot of people describe this shade to be brown, but to me it seems nearly impossible to see that. This has a high shine pearlized finish.

Color Palette
(Click the image to enlarge)

Top Row from left to right: Goldmine, Dark Soul (Pressed MAC Pigment), Aquadisiac, Shale, Pink Freeze

Middle Row from left to right: Gorgeous Gold, Sumptuous Olive, Steamy, Satellite Dreams, Sweet Lust

Bottom Row from left to right: Spring Up (Re-pressed, L.E.), Green Smoke, Shimmermoss, Tilt, Hush

I'm not going to lie, this palette doesn't get enough love. Some of the eyeshadows don't get used a lot so I don't really know how much I like them.

Some of my faves:

Sumptuous Olive looks amazing on the lower lashline, or mixed with brown shades. I particularly love blending this over woodwinked to give it a more olive brown tone. This has a really nice pearlized finish. Love it!
Shale this shade actually reminds me of a more mauve version of Satin Taupe, except that it isn't a frost, it's a velvet. This shade has a very fine sheen, not high shine, but a light glow if you will. Nevertheless it's a gorgeous shade.


  1. I Love looking into other peoples palettes! thanks for sharing, they are all so pretty!!

  2. @Nikki Aww thanks Nikki! I'm obsessed with seeing people's palettes too, I love finding new ways to organize mine haha!

  3. Wow you have so many shadows!! I just started my collection and now I have some ideas of what to get next. Thanks so much for sharing this! And thanks for going into depth with your favorites (: very helpful. Good luck with future posts and your videos as well!

    <3 Sonia

  4. @AnonymousAwww thanks so much Sonia, that's fantastic I'm so glad that this post was helpful to you! Don't ever hesitate to ask me any questions regarding colors, or anything at all!!


  5. Thanks for sharing! You have a really awesome collection.

  6. So pretty! Do you take requests for tutorials?

  7. i just found you on youtube and checked out your blog specifically for this post. I absolutely love it. I liked the youtube video as well because you explained the colors and showed some swatches. I love the pictures to be able to look at as well. I definitely wrote down some colors I want to purchase. Thanks so much!

    1. Wow, that is incredibly flattering. Thank you so much, and I am so happy that these were not only helpful but that you have now decided you would like to purchase some of the same shades I have!! <3

  8. Hey, I'm hoping you can take a minute to look at a pic and tell me if it's mac twillery or not? I first came across twillery in this blog post ages ago and loved it. I recently swapped for it on MUA and the girl either accidently mislabeled twillery as "innuendo" or sent me innuendo (she had both). She says she prob just mislabelled it but I'm not convinced. I posted about it on specktra but didn't get a reply and because it's a rare shade I don't know who else to ask except someone who has it! Here's my thread with the pic: Thank you!

    1. Hey girl, I checked your post and I'm so sorry to tell you that isn't Twillery :( Twillery is like a beige/taupey light golden tan color that is very similar to Woodwinked but much fairer and has no orange or bronze tones to it. If you have ever seen NARS Cyprus the color is very similar but doesn't have the metallic creamy texture that Twillery does. Get ahold of the girl and ask to swap back for the other shade she has. I can't imagine anyone giving this shadow up because it has been very much adored by long time collectors.

      Kristi-Anne (I'm posting from my Wordpress account)

  9. Hi Kristi-Anne, sorry to bother you again but the girl has since got me to send back the eyeshadow and agreed it wasn't twillery. She said she felt really bad and depotted the other twilery she had and sent it to me. I received it but am doubting whether this is twillery either :( I posted a pic of it in the specktra thread if you could please take another look at it Thank you!!

    1. Hey girl! It definitely looks like it could be, but the picture is really blurry and I can't tell entirely. Do you have wood winked? It would be a lot easier for me to see compared to Woodwinked if it is the right one. You could email me at or, or and I will be able to help you directly :)

  10. Hey Kristi-Anne, thanks for your reply, only just saw it now. Sorry the pics are terrible quality as it's just on my phone and the camera is bad. I do have woodwinked and will take a pic of the shadow beside that and email it to you, thanks.

  11. Just looked back at my post and realised woodwinked is already in the comparision pics! But maybe you meant a pic alone with it? I will try anyways but my camera is so bad I know I won't be able to get a clear pic :( But I'll try!

  12. Hi how would you describe brown script I haven't seen it in person I been looking for a burnt orange and I could hardly find a daylight photo eyeshadow :)