Sunday, February 16, 2014

Best of the Best: Holy Grail Hair Care Products

Hey everyone! I've recently discovered the most amazing hair care products, and they're the best I've EVER used. I've used all ranges from high end (Kerastase) to drugstore (Suave), so you can imagine my surprise when out of no where I came across a product (or whole range of products to be exact) that have trumped all other products before. I couldn't wait until I filmed this video for you all, and I've been thinking about it ever since the first day I tried the Recoil shampoo and conditioner. Since then I've been on a mission to try as many of their products as possible, and not only have my experiences with them gotten better and better, but my hair has started to feel healthier and healthier with use. I urge you all to just try one of their products ONCE to see if you can see, and feel the difference for yourself!

I want to make a point of saying that I have absolutely no affiliation with AG hair products, and they have no idea of who I am or that I made this video (just in case there's any concern that this is a sponsored or promoted video).

Products I mentioned in this video:
AG Curl Recoil Curl Activating Shampoo
AG Curl Recoil Activating Conditioner
AG Moisture & Shine Fast Food Sulfate-Free Shampoo
AG Moisture & Shine Fast Food Leave on Condition
AG Moisture Xtramoist Moisturizing Shampoo
AG Moisture & Shine Ultramoist Conditioner

Tigi Rockaholic Livin' The Dream Sulfate-Free + Energy Shampoo
Suave Organics Conditioner (Coconut scent)

***********MUST WATCH VIDEO!************* (It's only 2 minutes long)
This is the AG's YouTube channel and they show how cheap shampoos use SALT (sodium chloride) to get our shampoos to lather. I'm starting to think the problem isn't with sulfates, and instead, is a problem with the activating ingredient, salt! I'm shocked!

Video about salt in shampoo:

They have some really great information on their website! I found the Common Myths, and Key Ingredients sections particularly interesting.

Common Myths:

Key Ingredients:


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